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Charleville Credit Union Limited - About us
About Us
Our History
Charleville Credit Union was formed in March 1963. At the end of its first year it had 110 members and assets of 450.  
The continued development of Charleville Credit Union is due to the extraordinary commitment of a great many people following in the footsteps of founder members Fr Kennelly, Joe Lambert, Harry Allen and Milo Morrissey. Later as the Credit Union grew permanent staff were appointed. Our first manager was Pat Woods.
Our first home was in Smith's Road. From there we moved to the Court House, Broad street and to Chapel Street. We moved to our present premises in the mid 1980's
Our Building
Charleville Credit Union is justifiably proud of our premises. Originally the building was a branch of the National Bank of Ireland. It was initially leased by Charleville Credit Union but we purchased both it and the building next door in the late 1990's. In 1999 both buildings were extensively renovated giving the beautiful premises we have today.
The needs of our members were central to the design of the new building. Ease of access and the ability to deliver services efficiently to our members were foremost in the design of the public office. 
We place a strong emphasis on our community and endeavoured to use local craftsmen and materials in the construction of the building resulting in a showcase of local talent and ability.
The premises is also used to display the many wonderful paintings and creations of local artists. The public foyer is home to our specially commissioned millennium sculpture entitled "Saothar chun Saoil" The sculpture is the work of local artists Eithne Ring and Liam Lavery.
The building also features portraits of Mixie O' Toole &
Weeshie Murphy (R.I.P) by Michael Murray and also work by Rachel Burke.
Our Goals 
 Consistency of Service Delivery
The aim of Charleville Credit Union is to ensure we have good Operational practices and controls are in place, so that our ethos of member service is delivered consistently on an ongoing basis.
 Safety of Members Property
Along with delivery of the highest quality of service to our members, we will ensure the safety of members funds held in the credit union.
 Fostering the Co-operative Ethos
We aim to preserve and further the co-operative nature of our credit union by ensuring that we have a skilled, educated and trained Board of Directors with the organisational structure and support to properly discharge its responsibilities. 
 Preserve the Voluntary Ethos
The voluntary ethos of the credit union will be preserved by the active involvement of volunteer members in a range of committees and Credit Union activities.
 Supervisory Independence
Our goal is to ensure a that we have a Board Oversight Committee and Supervisory Structure that is completely independent of the operational management of the Credit Union that are both proactive and effectively responsive to the duties and obligations required of the Board Oversight Committee.
 Maximising Member Value
We aim to deliver value to our members by controlling operational costs and maximising income, on an ongoing prudent basis.
 Dignity as Employers
We believe that our management and staff, will be treated with fairness, dignity and with due regard, and will be fully equipped and skilled to engage with our members in a fair and caring manner.
 Members' Rights and Entitlements
Our goal is to ensure that our members are informed of their rights and entitlements, and that their ongoing contact with our credit union will be rewarding and enriching, and a positive member experience.
 Planning as an Ongoing Discipline
The Board of Directors will review the Strategic plan on a regular and ongoing basis, report to the board and make proposals for it's adjustment and enhancement, to support our strategic plan and vision.
Our Philosophy
Charleville Credit Union is a financial co-operative owned and controlled by our members, for the benefit of our members. Our members are central to everything we do with our main priorities being:

Protection of our members savings
Delivering services efficiently and developing new services for the benefit of the member. 

We are a democratic organisation with the members electing the board of directors, the supervisory committee and auditors at our AGM. 

Our Common Bond 
To join the credit union, you must live or work in the Common Bond. However, if you yourself do not live or work in the Common Bond, you can still join the Credit Union if a member of your family is an existing member - feel free to ask any member of staff for full details of eligibility.
The common bond of Charleville Credit Union covers an area within 4 miles radius of Charleville town and includes the villages of Ballyhea, Newtownshundrum, Dromina, Ballyagran and Effin.
To become a full member of a credit union you must be 16 years of age. However Charleville Credit Union provides and encourages juvenile membership to young people under 16. 
To join call to the Credit Union and bring the following documents:
Proof of Identity (eg current driving licence, passport) 
Proof of Address (eg. copy of household bill/utility bill no older than 3 months) is necessary. We will also require a copy of your PPS number - available on your P60 or similar documents.
Joining the Credit Union is a quick process - and will be the best decision you will make on your financial future.




  Address:  Main Street, Charleville, Co. Cork   Tel:  063 89585   Fax:  063 81864   Email:   info@charleville-cu.ie   Web:   www.charleville-cu.ie